Introducing Management Moments with Public Health Leaders: An Interview with Gene Matthews, JD

Welcome to the debut installment of Management Moments with Public Health Leaders. Our first guest is Gene Matthews, JD, a senior investigator at the NC Institute for Public Health, where he conducts legal research and provides technical assistance to public health practitioners on legal topics. He is also the Director of the Southeastern Regional Center of the Network for Public Health Law (sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), which provides legal assistance on a variety of public health topics, enabling practitioners, lawyers and policymakers to apply the law to pressing public health issues. Today, he and Dr. Baker draw upon two recent columns they co-authored for Management Moments: Advocacy for Leaders: Crafting Richer Stories for Public Health and Crafting Richer Public Health Messages for A Turbulent Political Environment, as they discuss ways of framing important public health messages to achieve better outcomes on public health policy and law.

Read the latest from Management Moments in the most recent issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice:

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As the #Midterm2018 elections near, Drs. Ed Baker and Gene Matthews @UNCpublichealth underscore the importance of framing #publichealth messages to achieve better outcomes on public #health policy and #law in this new #video series. #GoVote #midterms

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This new video series draws upon Management Moments, a column published in JPHMP. In this debut episode, Dr. Ed Baker talks with Gene Matthews, JD, about ways of framing public health messages to achieve better outcomes on public health policy and law.

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Dr. Ed Baker
Dr. Edward L. Baker, a former Assistant Surgeon General in the US Public Health Service and former Director of CDC’s Public Health Practice Program Office, currently serves as Adjunct Professor in Health Policy and Management at UNC. He teaches a course on the theory and practice of leadership in the School of Public Health’s DrPH program and an online course on Designing and Managing Public Health Information Systems through the Public Health Institute in Atlanta.