Call for Stories: Public Health Student Narratives

calling students of public health

Calling Students of Public Health

Are you researching an infectious disease for the betterment of population health? Experimenting with social media as a means of quickly communicating urgent public health alerts? Studying and tackling climate change as part of an internship or practicum?


Do you wish more people understood the important work you’re doing?!

So do we.


That’s why we have shared the stories of nearly 30 public health students and counting here on JPHMP Direct.


Students LIKE YOU who look at the world’s problems — from health inequity to violence, pollution, addiction, obesity, chronic disease, maternal health issues, income inequality, violent weather, and everything in between — and instead of turning away in despair, roll up their sleeves and hit back with evidence-based research, field-tested practices, and new policies that will make the world safer, cleaner, healthier, and more just for the future.


Join those students of public health before you who’ve inspired others by sharing their challenges — and TRIUMPHs — and have gone on

to make the world a better place than it was the semester before.


What’s your story? Email for info.


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