Author Resources You Need

Check out the templates (guided and blank) we’ve developed to help you Write a Research Brief Report, a new annotated guide to complete the Author Agreement and Copyright Transfer Agreement in Editorial Manager, and a new checklist to review your manuscript style before you submit to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.

1 How to Write a Research Brief Report

Not sure how to tackle our new Research Brief Report article format? We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step PowerPoint that spells it all out.

2 Guided Template

For an even more granular look at the Research Brief Report, try our guided template with annotated instructions.

3 Blank Template

When you’re ready, write your own report by adding information to each section of our blank template

4 Manuscript Style Tips

Catch style errors before you submit your work to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.

5 A Guide to Completing the Author Agreement & Copyright Transfer Agreement

Congratulations! Once you’ve submitted your manuscript and been approved for publication, you’ll be asked to verify your role as an author or co-author on the paper and to complete copyright transfer, granting our publisher permission to print your article in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.

We’ve developed an annotated guide that will take you through this form one question at a time.











Stay tuned for more Author Resources coming soon! In the meantime, we’d love to know if you find these useful. Leave your comments in the Leave a Reply section below.

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