Publishing Opportunity for Students of Public Health

Our friends at the Practical Playbook and the de Beaumont Foundation are sponsoring an exciting opportunity for students of public health. The “New Voices Essay Contest” is a chance for students and recent graduates of health-related training programs to share their perspectives and interests. Winning entries will be published in the second printed version of the Practical Playbook. The first printed Practical Playbook focused on the “why” of public health – health care integration. The next one is meant to be the “how” of these partnerships, and part of the “how” is including, when possible,  the younger members of our groups in planning and implementation of programs.

The winning short essays will be published in a chapter called “Voices of the Next Generation.” Submissions that are not chosen for the book will be considered for posting on the de Beaumont blog and/or Practical Playbook website.

How to Enter

Essays should address the following questions in 750 words or less:

1. Given the currently fragmented relationship between public health and health care and the goals of Public Health 3.0 and the Practical Playbook, what do you see as you and your discipline’s roles in bridging the gap and transforming the health system?

2. How can professionals in your discipline create and sustain cross-sector partnerships, rather than working exclusively within discipline? (Cross-sector partnership example: a hospital working with a local housing development organization on improving indoor asthma conditions)

The deadline is March 1, 2018. Please refer to the complete guidelines on the Practical Playbook blog.

And help us spread the word by forwarding this post to your students, faculty, and administrators.

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