Infographic: Increasing Colon Cancer Screening at Community-based Primary Clinics in San Francisco

Adult colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) can lower disease incidence and mortality. However, widespread implementation is inconsistent, especially in the public sector. While specific interventions to increase CRCS have been identified, firsthand accounts of CRCS improvement efforts using multiple techniques in public sector settings are lacking. A program evaluation was conducted to assess the effect of implementing a culture of continuous quality improvement on CRCS practices and prevalence. A multi-pronged incremental effort over more than a decade to increase CRCS at the San Francisco Department of Public Health is described. The study, “Increaseing Colon Cancer Screening at Community-based Primary Clinics in San Francisco” by Rani Marx, et. al was published in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice.


Johanzynn Gatewood, BS, is an MPH candidate at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Her interests include health communication, the role of social media in public health, health literacy, and minority health. [Full bio].

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