Infographic: Recommendation for Center-Based Early Childhood Education to Promote Health Equity

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends early childhood education programs based on strong evidence of effectiveness in improving educational outcomes associated with long-term health and sufficient evidence of effectiveness in improving social- and health-related outcomes. When provided to low-income or racial and ethnic minority communities, early childhood education programs are likely to reduce educational achievement gaps, improve the health of low-income student populations, and promote health equity. This report, called “Recommendation for Center-Based Early Childhood Education to Promote Health Equity” by the Community Preventative Services Task Force, was published in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice.

Childhood education programs graphic

Early Childhood Education to Promote Health Equity: A Community Guide Systematic Review
Hahn, Robert A. PhD, MPH; Barnett, W. Steven PhD; Knopf, John A. MPH; Truman, Benedict I. MD, MPH; Johnson, Robert L. MD; Fielding, Jonathan E. MD, MPH, MBA; Muntaner, Carles MD, PhD; Jones, Camara Phyllis MD, MPH, PhD; Fullilove, Mindy T. MD, MS; Hunt, Pete C. MPH
Journal of Public Health Management and PracticeSeptember/October 2016 – Volume 22 – Issue 5 – p E1–E8
doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000000378

Robert A. Hahn, PhD, MPH, is a coordinating scientist for the Community Guide Branch. He has led reviews on juvenile violence and excessive alcohol consumption and is currently heading systematic reviews of interventions to promote health equity. Dr. Hahn has served as an epidemiologist for CDC since 1986 and is a member of the Senior Biomedical Research Service. Dr. Hahn holds a doctorate in anthropology and a master’s degree in public health in epidemiology. During 1998-1999, he worked as a Capitol Hill fellow in the House of Representatives Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and in the office of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. 

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